Buying by bulk

More than 10 years ago, when I was in the UK, I was introduced to the concept of bulk buying as a form of saving expenses. So, there was a place where we could go, (without any stupid trader's membership card) and buy things there at almost wholesale prices there. These places are for people who usually have their own business but amazingly, they let students in as well. For example, when you need a can of luncheon meat, in a normal super/hypermarket, it would come in a normal can. But over there, the size is humongous. Imagine the same luncheon meat can, but stacked six times. Buying mayonnaise/tomato sauce/detergents are also another challenge because they come in big four litre packs. How about a can of coke? Sure, just buy the whole carton. You could buy these things and they would last you for months. However, there are two main problems:

It is not adviseable to buy everything all at once and so, you have to share it amongst your other friends. But if they do not like luncheon meat, then you're on your own. And not only that, you have to control your urge to buy everything in sight since they're so cheap. Why, see below.

Lets say, you went in and bought some Cola, mayonnaise, luncheon meat, tomato sauce and bread. In a normal store, you would just need a medium sized plastic bag. But here, you would be carrying at least three bags. And having to walk back to your flat which is too far away. Going there is fun. Saving money there is fun. If you are alone, that's it, man, you have to carrying everything by yourself.

Oh, and resist the urge to have a party as well. Friends would come over and finish your month long supplies within the evening. And when they spill beer and all those stomach contents, you WILL appreciate the huge four litre carpet/floor detergent that you bought.

Coming back to Malaysia the equivalent would be Makro. But somehow, going there leave a bad taste in the mouth. Anyway, its has been bought over by Tesco and re-emerged as Tecso Light or something. So, it was by chance that on a busy schedule today that I got to see a customer which my technician usually goes. This customer sells foodstuff by bulk to their client base ranging from canteen operators to night markets stalls to rotiseller on motorbikes and finally, to me.

I was tempted to buy more but then, with a limited cashflow (after settling my car's insurance & road tax) this month, I have to watch my budget.

I got the jelly sweets (RM6.00), the Glico Strawberry (RM23.00) and crackers (RM10.00)
I had to hide them for now because if the two girls sees this, they would go nuts and I
would end up with a lot of half opened boxes

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