The trip NorthEast part I

So, here I am, working through the weekend to visit our customers in Kuantan, Kemaman, Kota Bahru and Prai. We left KL at about seven thirty, almost ninety minutes late. The reason why we did this was two-fold:

1) We can arrive in Kuantan in the morning and Kemaman in the afternoon so that we can stay the night in Kota Bahru

2) To see the mists on the East-West Highway, just before Kuantan

The case in Kuantan was a very straightforward problem but it took me a lot of time to solve it. It seemed that one of the Telekom cable was faulty and Telekom decided to move the affected line to a new port. And as usual, either they did not inform anyone or they told the wrong person. For the rest of the morning, I had to trace the faulty cable and then replace it with another one.

Then we dropped by Kemaman to follow up with the botched installation job last week. This time, they have rectified the problem of missing powerpoints and also re-did the partition wall. So, it was a straight installation for me. But because of the electrical problems, I could not switch on the air-conditioner and had to work in a non ventilated environment. Two hours later, with sweat everywhere, I finished the job but we have to come back again when they move into the building "just in case" something happens.

But the time we reached Kota Bahru, it was slightly after quarter-past eleven and we were lucky to get a room for the night. The journey there was quite bad due to slow lorries and even slower cars reducing their speed every now and then in case there is a cop on bicycle chasing after them.

Nothing to mention except for a "I told you so" illegal U-Turn. It was just bad timing, man.

[Clockwise from Top left]
[1] Picture taken from the only Petronas Station just before the second Toll (RM3.00)
[2] Just after Temerloh, I think, were the beautiful mists
[3] It looked like Genting but without the cold
[4] I liked this most, just wished the road was a river instead

[Clockwise from Top left]
[1] Well, the same problem again, as we experience in Kemaman last week: No electrical power point
[2] In Kuantan, we had to deal with this stupidity and also Telekom relocating one of their lines without informing anyone
[3] Its very hard to find a model to do this car any justice
[4] Mommy scolding the boy who wanted to model for me

[Left to Right]
[1] In Kemaman again, this time they have the powerpoint for me
[2] Two hours later, all done! But we need to go back when their staff moves in later

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