Where is the monkey?

Kristine is still sick and we still can't find the monkey. And her fever goes up and down a few times a day. And about four in the morning, she will wake up and cry. And throughout the whole day, she will whine and whine. She does not want to take any medication so we have to resort to putting them into the yogurt drinks (hee hee) and other medicine which we have to be very anal about it.

This is Kristine. See Kristine smile

Kristine is did not eat her medicine this morning and it is running out
See Kristine change her mood

The medication has worn out. See Kristine frown

Why is Kristine frowning?

Yeah, if I were her, I'd frown too


Erika said...

hey! the medicine was from my ex-company... anyway, it's not meant for eating lar... are u sure u know what u were giving to ur daughter??

CFC said...

Wei, this is for her sii-fatt-loong la. That is why she is not happy about it.