Another Weird Dream

I had another dream this morning and like the ones before, I could not remember much since I am typing this out in the afternoon (where I have a fre minites of free time), most of the events have been lost in my head. It has something to do with one of the companies I was working for, moving into an office just next to one of my Universities's Mechanical Department. The funny thing is, we're in Malaysia. And today, my cousins are visiting.

Since the girls all came in a group, I decided to meet up with them. But they had other plans, which is to go roaming about. And after a few shops, I lost them. Many things happened and when I crossed the road, we're in Australia.

But one thing I do remember is that my "friends" and I were shown three funny fish creatures, all gave us a weird expereience. I can only remember the second one;It was some sort of a shellfish. Its shell was actually a rough marble cone and in the middle, was its mouth. It has a rows of sharp teeth lined around and anyting gets into it, well, its like putting it into a blender. So, we tried with some meat, and then I used a pink plastic knife (borrowed from Kristine's Birthday cake) to push the meat in. The shelfish shattered the knife and ate it up as well. Because it was very hungry, it wanted more and we panicked. So, one of my friends, pulled its tail from the back and fed in into the mouth. Within seconds, there was a lot of black swirls and then, the fish died. We felt sad for senselessly killing such a horrible thing and walked off.

And when we turned to the shellfish's back, there was a huge fan/motor aplliance connected to the dead "shellfish". Wait a minute............

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