Happy Birthday, Kristine!

So, Kristine is officially three years old and we decided to celebrate her birthday along with her cousins. She was singing the Birthday Song the whole day after we told that today was her birthday. And she was in a jolly mood too. So, we got her a nice Blackforest Cake and some pizza to go with the party. Everything went well, until....

This is the cake before the incident. We set up the cake with
the candles. And as soon as Kristine saw the candles burning
she got scared. And refused to cut the cake so Mommy had
to do it for her.

In the meantime, Kristine was hiding behind her Winnie.
No coaxing could get her to come out. But as soon as the
candles are out and everyone starts to eat the cake, she
came out and starts to eat all the cherries.

And before you know it, Kristine was in her jovial self again.
Eating cake and pizza like nobody's business

And then, after all the excitement, Kristine was zonked out.
Later, as we came home, she opened all her presents and
she did share some of hers with Kaelynn. Well, as I said,
she was in a very very good mood today.

Happy Birthday, my dearest Kristine!

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