The switch

For quite a few years now, I have been attracted to thistype of switch. You just press it and depending on howyou make your circuit, the appropriate LEDs will lightup. But the problem at that time was the cost of theseswitches and its availability.

Until today, I happened to come across another shop in Pasar Road. I was looking for more of those small switches I can put on my prototype board. Because she did not understand what type of switches I wanted, she took out a "sample" board for me to choose and there and then, I saw that switch!

After buying it, I was elated but it did not last long because this switch is PCB mounted and therefore, cannot be mounted on a panel (unless you went and glue it). Worst of all, its just a push button switch, which is a bigger size of its smaller cousins shown in the picture below. Heck.

Anyway, at least I got the switch after so many years
but the "legs" to the device is corroded which means
I need to scrape it off or else the solder would not "bite"

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