Local Comics II

Dalam Alam Angker, Twisted Minds of Puyuh by Leong Wan Kok [RM7.50]

So, here I go again, with another copy of a local comic. And I can tell you this: This is the best book I have ever bought! The pages have black background so this forces your attention to focus on the comic pane themselves. The artwork reminds me of Simon Bisley (famous for 2000Ad's Slaine and the Batman/Judge Dredd's Judgement on Gotham) and a bit of a milder Bill Sienkiewicz

The Twisted Minds are mostly a collection of horror and Science Fiction stories, which one of them, I think, could be from an actual horror story. And all the stories have either a twisted ending or a weird one. Which suits me. However, this time, even if it was published in the Malay language, that small blight was saved with the beautiful artwork which was so detailed. Its a shame that this Graphic novel was not published in a larger format.

And if I see the other two titles I would very much like to get them too.

This is a sample of the artwork. But becareful as the copy
I bought had very weak glue and so, after turning a few
pages, they came off one by one.

This is the cover of the Graphic Novel
and inside, the art is the same, if not

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