My OK is different from your OK

Me: Hey, technicians is the ABC job done?
Tec: Yeah, its OK
Me: Really OK?
Tech: Yes, OK.
Boss: Technical Manager, is the ABC job OK?
Me: Yes, OK
Boss: Really OK?
Me; Yes, OK

Boss goes to site and take a look.

Boss: @#&!% Where got OK? Look at the photos I took! This OK meh?
Me: (OH Shit) gulp! Oi! Technicians! Come here! This not OK, lah!
Tech: . . . . .
Me: [You mother smelly crab, etc.] You call this OK, ah?
Boss: That is why my OK is different from your OK and your tech's OK
Me: OK
Boss: Don't OK me! Go back and OK it!
Me: OK.
Tech: OK.

This looked OK, right? Wrong.

For one, the cables are messy once you open the covers

I had to move the "Open Frame" module to the
top of the system as it was underneath the air-con
and we don't want any dripping water on the
connectors or else.........

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