When it comes to connectors, it must be able to do its job
properly. Any loose or unreliable connections can jeopardise
a system. When I saw these type of connectors on a Toyota,
it all makes sense. Its also a far cry from those connectors
which are exposed to the environment. All it takes is for your
car to go into a big puddle and that's it. The end

In my set of tools, I too have some connectors. But they're
more of a patching system so that I can connect one set of
cables to another while I am testing the system.

[L-R] BNC to RCA connector when you need to test a CCTV camera
with a modern TV.
BNC to BNC coupler when your RG59 cables are too short or you need to
patch to a longer cable
I forgot what's it named but this is a very common connector for me as I
use it very often when it comes to testing telephone systems

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