Going down South

Just a day after returning from Taiping and Prai, we're to go down South. I know, I know, we'r not supposed to work until the Seventh day or so but to the customer, its an emergency. Our (finally confirmed) destinations are:

Day One
Seremban, Melaka and Kulai.
Spend a night at JB

Day Two
JB and then Batu Pahat
And if there is time, back to Seremban (just to check)

But because of the rush, we only managed to finish the Seremban and Melaka call as the person in charge in Kulai refused to wait for us. I know his Boss well and he would wait for us because he knows we travelled far. But unfortunately, today he was on leave. Anyway, we decided to travel to JB to spend the night there instead of in Kulai. We were there for the first time and it totally sucked. We reached JB just slightly after seven in the evening and after checking in to a Hotel, we decided to go for dinner.

Now, this is where the "tidak apa" part comes in. I told my technician that since from the Hotel window we can see, two shoppping centres, we have a choice on which place to go for dinner. And as usual, they don't mind, so I chose Holiday Plaza in the North instead of Plaza Pelangi on the East. And then, I asked them I decided to walk since it would only take about 30 minutes if its OK by them. And yeah, they replied "fine", that is, until halfway, they realised it was smarter to take a cab instead as they were winded. Ha ha ha ha. So, I scolded them for their indecisions and I told them the next time, to voice out their opinions or else they would suffer again.

By the time we reached Holiday Plaza at eight, it looked very deserted since most of the shops were still closed for the Chinese New Year. Oh well, that is great news for me since I do not have to spend any money for DVDs. But I was wrong. As we were looking for restaurants, I saw a poster shop (WuMeng Enterprise, F117A, Holiday Plaza, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Century Johor Bahru, Tel/Fax: 07-3347450) with the Iron Man figure. Once I entered the place, I saw the Hasegawa's 1/100 Virtua-On Temjin Type a8 model kit form the new Virtua-On Marz game. Since they only had four different versions of Temjin, I chose one with the pondan pose on the cover as they all looked alike to me anyway. The reason I was so interested in this model was that it could be lighted up. However, there is a problem in the sense that apart from the clear parts, I have no idea if the other parts of the robot must be lit or not. So, I will have to search the Internet for more information.

Since none of us were in the mood for fast food, we decided to walk out of the Plaza and ate at some mamak stall in Jalan Harimau (I think). And on the way back, our shortcut took us to a small playground. I told me technicians to go ahead while I stopped to take some photos in the dark. I think I should take my tripod with me next time as I had a lot of problems when my hands start to shake.

[Clockwse from topleft]
1. My breakfast: eggtart's bakgua, leftover Yee Sang, a slice of cheese and sandwich spread. Very dry as everything came form the fridge
2. Over the night, my left hand swelled up due to Gout attack. And I have to drive this morning since I am the only one with the GDL license
3. I wanted the keychain viewer but i can't smoke. So, I decided to sell to my technician but he pulled out after I bought it. Later, I gave the pack to the Hotel Bellboy as he wanted to buy some ciggies from my technician and he couldn't go out of the Hotel since he was in uniform. Not before I made him move the extra bed here and there.
4. One of the problems we encountered. Someone tampered with the Lightning surge protector.

[Clockwse from topleft]
1. One of my Techs taught me how to buy 4D (ahem) so its my first time gambling!
2. A heavy breakfast from the Hotel's morning buffet
3. I finally got this shot as the one I got with the FujiFilm was not so good
4. Stupid cabling contractor only pulled tha cable and saved money by not wiring it to a box
5. One of my technicians who finally sat at the back and slept. Must be me complaining all the way about his smoking.

[Clockwse from topleft]
1. Electron fever is here too
2. Tow truck being repaired
3. I stopped the van and was about to cross the road to take photos of the plants when across the road, a Police 4x4 chased after a speeding Singaporean car. I changed my mine after that.
4. Some trucks are really powerful. Here's one on our tail as we're not powerful enough to escape the hill
5. I think this tanker got burnt just outside Seremban


Nex said...

Really need to watch your diet my friend. If you're suffering like this from gout now, I shudder to think the condition you'll be in after you hit 40-45. Is that a Suunto on your wrist? I have the Metron. Damn cool gadget watch :)

And Electron fever? Cool! :P

Anonymous said...

Seremban? gip me a call la. i bring you show seremban ah kuas...

CFC said...


Well, next time I go down there, I gip you a call la. But dun have your number leh. You can ask Loctor for it

Its a Casio Protrek I got less than a year ago. I think you saw it when we last met, though.