I saw my future self!!!

So, I got the D50, I got the camera bag. I have an infra-red remote shutter release. What else do I need? I already have a tri-pod which I always forget to bring long with me. What else do I need?

Why am I always thinking about my D50? Is it a sin not to take at least a few pictures a day?

And then, I saw it. I was driving the along Jalan Bkt Bintang, stuck in the traffic jam just in front ot the Pavillion. With no cars moving, and my nose's clean of booger, I had to amuse myself.

I looked out of the window.

And I saw my future self, or rather, whom I will be in a few years time. It was a shock

There I was, in my sling bag, holding a DSLR with some fancy lens hood and all looking serious. I have some other serious friends with me as well and we're all shooting around the Pavillion. Each of us took some shots and then grouped together to view the results. And continued shooting. We even tried with low angles and weird stances.

Oh my God. Will this be me in the future?

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Nex said...

No, that won't be you. You'll never have the free time to prance around in the middle of the day, not in the next few years anyway...not unless you learn to let go and live life a bit...

And also, you'll need to lose a lot of weight, gain quite a few inches, and become more 'leng chai'...he he he :P