Trip to Prai

Just as we are about to leave, my Boss said there is another call in Prai and we can decide to go if we're up to it. Seeing that we still have enough time, I decided to call the shots and we made it just in time. Sad to sad, this call was not so exciting as all we can do was to cut another supplier's (autodialer) cables since they're interfering with our phone system. By the time I came home, it was near to midnight. And again, I had to raid the fridge but too tired to take a photo of the yee-sang Zinger bread burger.

On the way there, we witness a few accidents. But mostly,
buses breaking down. I did not have the heart to take the
photos as most of the passengers had to wait under nearby
trees. By the time we came back later, one of the bus was
still waiting for assistance in the dark evening

So, we cut some cables and the phone is working again. Pity
the supplier who have to come up and redo the cabling. Then
again, it is their fault for doing things their way and not calling
us to help. This is a DP box which they took it upon themselves
to use it for their own devices. I just hope they did not cut any
wires previously in there or I will smash their autodialers the
next time I am in Prai.

Since Loctor is going to work OT, and he did warn me
about camera accesory prices, its not fun to go for any
shopping there. So, this time, we really head for home

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