You need WIn XP

I have been going to this customer on and off for the past few weeks and do I really get sick of going there all the time? Well, yes and no. Yes, when I go there and do small things like fixing a screw or become a consultant to them. No, when there are a lot of things to do there, which is not so frequent. And each time I go there, there are costs involved. No to mention, I could have been somewhere else doing other service calls.

Anyway, the main problem is that this customer has bought a lot of item from China from his last visit and we are "obligated" to fix and install them. Which is not much of a problem except that I need to find these items among the stuff in the first place as they were moving office. Not only that, other assitance such as scaffolding, forklifts and higher ladders promised to us were usually not available at the last minute.

And for the last two days, it was really frustrating for me......

Finally, we found the card that connects to the CCTV cameras
after so many weeks. But from my experience, this installation
would not be an easy one.

And after wasting precious time installing it on the wrong PC, we found
that the correct PC has only 56MB RAM and running on Windows 98

And the story does not stop there. The first PC does not have a CD-ROM
so I had to salvage one from another PC (which happened to be the right PC)
And the dang drive ate the CD, scratching it when it toppled. Luckily, they
had a (the only) DELL running (running on the only Windows XP) which
managed to read the CD. So, I backed it up on my thumbdrive and burnt
on another CD. So, on the next day, during installation, I got this screen.....
Haih. I want to kill everyone, I tell you.

And after a month of seraching, their door access system finally
appeared. And this is the first time I see a long magnet bar as
we usually put two side by side after some modifications. And
this China made one has three strips. Which, might be stronger

Armed with more information, I need to go back to my company for
more tests. Haih. I know we can install them straight away but I do
not want it to burn out halfway

And the story continues

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