Helpful Kaelynn

When I came back last night with lots more stuff from the other house and started to move the stuff. Kaelynn saw what I was doing and started to help. And when Krsitine saw that, she also wanted to help. Ha ha ha.

Unfortunately, a lot of the items are too heavy for the girls and so, the lightest were pieces of boards.

So, Kaelynn too this board, which is a bit too heavy for her
But she still wanted to carry them

Grandpa saw that and took the board away in case Kaelynn
hurt herself.

So Kaelynn chased after Grandpa to get back the board and had
to fight for it

In the end, she won but she carried it to the wrong place.
Sure a thoughful girl so I won't cane her tonight.
Ha ha ha ha ha h a

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