The trip up North

Since my Boss was not available to come with me, I had to take the trip alone. I am not suprised because the appointment was at ten in the morning. This means, I would have to wake up early and start my journey at seven in the morning. Reason? Remember, the 90Km/h speed limit applies to the van on highways.

By the time I had arrived, it was exactly ten in the morning! The customer is going to renovate his building and it would take about two years. So, he will shift one department out while it is being torn down. And when it is ready, he will move it back and do the same with the remaining department. And we all have one month to accomplish the moving. My job is to check the new site for a proper area to install a new PABX system and make sure nothing goes wrong, especially the incoming lines from Telekom.

At 0800, the Sun is already up. But you can see the
morning mists lazily moving away

But half an hour further up North, it was still misty

An hour later, nearing Ipoh, I wished I could stop the
van and take a proper photo.

At the new site, the guard is nowhere to be seen and the
poor bitch was chained up. Later, the customer set her
free. Man, I have never see so much nipples! Heh heh

While most of the people were taking measurements and all,
I was busy practising my "from the hip" shots.

Seconds after taking this shot, the puppy was tumblign after me
But because I set my camera on ground level, most of the shots
that came out was rather out of focus. But it was fun. Until I
stepped on dog poo which I have avoided all morning.


I was mesmerised by the scenery at Gua Musang rest stop
But I do not know how to make it better except going across
the stream to pick up the polystyrene box

Tapah rest stop. Had to snap this fast because of people
walking left and right non-stop. Felt like scolding them
and picking a fight.

Once I return back to KL, wife wanted me to accompany her
to Mid-Valley. This is the first time I had the Tak-something
Octopus balls outside Jayajusco which Dr. Liew has been
commenting about. They have Octopus, Ham & Cheese, Unagi
and Prawn fillings. The cost is RM3.90 for three but I made the
mistake of taking it back home to eat. By then, the balls had shrunk

I bought this for RM19.90 since I had a bit left from my outstation
meal allowance (OK, so I did not eat). I wanted the guy in the box
but they only had this left. Luckily, with my torchlight, I managed
to get the correct box since the other two are duds; some lady figure
[A few days later, someone opened the remaining 2 boxes. Duds]

It would be very interesting if his other finger were raised

What to these people eat? Are they on a strict diet?
Have the GUNDAM cockpits shrunk?

Ok, I was attracted to their tight flight costumes

And the Helmet. Definitely the Helmet.

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