Just laying cables........

Ever been curious how telephone cables came pop up from the ground and onto your table?

Well, here is one of the answer. One of our customer is renovating his office before moving in. We have to lay the cables before tiling can commence. Since the original cable trunking was full of cables, we had to lay another pipe next to it. We have to do this before the other guys can put in tiles or else it would be too late and too expensive to break the tiles.

When I arrived, my technician has alrady re-opened up the
concrete on the floor for the new pipe. See the half buried
pipe we put in earlier?

All these pipes would lead out to the square access hole

While I was busy taking pictures, one of my technicians has
already bent the pipe using a special tool. i was too late to
catch it. Then again, its a trade-secret for these PVC pipes

We took hours to pull these cables because some of the
trunking was so full of earlier cables, it was hard to get
them through. No, we do not use lubricants. Just pure
sweat (not on the pipes) and careful brute force. Ha ha

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Nex said...

He he...that's what I'll need to do when I reno my house later...you'll be coming to lay the pipes and cables for me right? :)