Scenes from a construction site.....

Man #1: I can't get this @#$%& machine to start
Man #2: Ha ha ha ha ha

Man #1: Here, you try it then!
Man #2: No problem. Here we go!..... Oh F&%@!

Making light of things

Searching for a place to hide

Everyone was pissed when he switched the electricity on and off.

"Oh S#!T!" (No, it was not our doing). Just that the
Bangladesh guy took so long to measure and cut the
hole for the exhaust fan, he forgot to look behind as
there was an air-con conduit there.

We lay da cables, man!
But me tech not up de roof

Me tech down dere, man.

The problems of screwing too hard

Measure the cables before you lay, OK?

This is the second time I have seen this Hygrograph in my life
This is a quartz precision version.

I rescued this calculator from the bin only to find out
that its not working as well as it should. Oh well, maybe
when I am free, I will gut it. Hee hee hee hee

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