Single Channel Remote control

While I was at one of our normal supplier's store, I came across this remote control. Its a single channel remote system with momentary on action. But it also responds to how long you press the button. For example, if you keep pressing it, the relay would be activated until you lift your fingers.

Unfortunately, after having so much fun with it, I realised that with only a single channel, I am only having half the fun. Maybe I should as them for more than one channel for my other projects..............

For that price, I get three transmitters and one receiver.
But when I looked closer at the board, it can house two
relays which means, there is a two-channel version out
there. OI can test it with another relay but with only
one button on the transmitter, it won't do much
(Had to take this picture fast as Kristine was just sitting next to it)

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