Trip to Cafe SBV, Kepong

[sorry, a bit rushed today]

OK, today is the second time we're going back to Cafe SBV in Kepong. We wanted to try out a few places ever since I started to bring back those issues of "Media Focus" ads. What they do is to get the advertisements from a particular area, which in this case, is Kepong, compile them into a book and distribute them there. So, you have ads from food to clothes to massage to beauty products.

And in some ads, the photographs are so convincing, we really wanted to try them. And they're mostly around my office but I never did go to these places. Anyway, on Saturday, it was our first time there and the food is quite alright. I ordered:

A Hamburger (RM6.90),
This is layers of meat in a bun. And quite filling too.

Wife had a Spicy Olio something (RMsomething)
Spaghetti with prawns, and oysters all fried with spicy garlic sauce. But when I tasted it, it was too hot. So, be careful if you choke on it.

The kids had:
Potato prawns (RM8.80),
This is cute. Prawns wrapped in potato strands and deep fried

Deep fried calamari (RM8.80)
We had to cut them into small pieces since they're hot

Fried rice (RM?.??)
Just in case there was not ebough, we ordered the friend rice too. Its a bit oily than usual.

and a kiddy meal (RM15.90?)
The kiddy meal consists of ham, fried egg, chips and a steak along with some salad.

The final bill came to about RM70 or so and we regretted ordering so much since the portions are actually meant for about two persons. In the end, I felt sorry for DBKL people. Ha ha haha. But considering the prices, its not bad. Most of the meals are 50% off and in order to do this, you must order a drink to go with it as well. The other catch is, well, the offer is not applicable to Public Holidays, etc.

So, after hearing about this, my parents are interested in giving it a try too and so, off we went, for the second time. But this time round, the food was not up to our expectations. Although they came out very fast, but the taste is just not there. Maybe it was a Sunday and there were a lot of people. Still, the overall bill for seven people did not exceed RM90.

Ho-hum. Kaelynn did a three floor wee-wee
while we're getting ready to go out

This is the portion of fried rice. Just look at
my XL Watermelon! This was taken before
Kristine vomited all over Mommy. Yeah,
she is not feeling well the whole evening

Meanwhile, Kaelynn is helping herself to my

And after that, both girls had some MacDonalds

Yep, Kristine is eating again, phew

And just as soon as we changed her, Murphy's Law came
into effect. All the dinner came out in new brand new 3
minutes old pampers


Blueyebabe said...

A lot of links for download cartoon for ur precious daughter ->

CFC said...

Thanks! I tried to download them but they're too slow via StreamyX. So, I guess I will be expecting you to drop by with case-loads of DVDs anytime soon.........