Turning to the Dark Side

I am feeling very pissed today. And after managing the team for some time, I felt as if were actually taking ten steps backwards for every step to the left or right. Even if we took a step forward, the direction could go either way too. That is how I felt.

Maybe its the rush trying to finish jobs or maybe, they just are too damn tired to think anymore. If I knew things like this was going to happen, I would not have gone back to the office early and left them to their devices (after giving them explicit instructions, of course). But thinking back, I have done the right thing. If I stayed there, I would be forever supervising them and micromanaging them. The only thing I did wrong was to bang my fist in the office to show my displeasure.

Second, when I instructed him to mount some cabling to the floor for the reception table, he just mounted it straight away without looking at the table. So, right now, the table has about a four inch gap between it and the wall. I scolded him and he had the gall to tell me that the other technician told him to mount it there. So, in summary, I told my assistant, to stop being a fool and when you're wrong, admit it and not defend yourself assuming the customer will just follow your way. The mounting process is another problem. No one in their right might would use a hammer drill to straight drill on a floor tile, even with a masonry bit. He caused a lot of cracks and some very bad holes. So, I had to calm down and teach him the right way to make a hole in the tile, even if the process is slow. (Yes, you can make a hole with a masonry bit even if you do not have one specially for tiles but it would take a very long time).

I am feeling more and more pissed because as my assistant, I would expect more "brains" from him since he is going to be supervising my team. Instead, my team are now supervising him.

I have instructed my assistant to mount the
system on the other wall (left) and not here
(on the right). But he did it anyway because
he thought I told him not to mount it on the
room located on the right.

Even a village idiot would know that there is
way to mount a system here and also, all the
wires are located in the previous room. More
than that, these electricals are going to cause
a lot of interference to the system. Finally, I
had to get it mounted about one feet lower

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