Eating porridge the Kristine way

And so, for lunch, we sat down to have some porridge. It was still hot even after my Wife sat it to cool for more than five minutes. There are various ways to cool the porridge ranging from scooping it at the sides of he bowl, stirring it, blowing it, teh tarik it, and so on. But this is what Kristine did.....

She takes the spoonful of porridge
and held it up to the fan to cool it

And if she does this everyday, she
will have a highly developed left
arm very soon!


Blueyebabe said...

hahaha...she is soooooooo cute! one day she will defeat me

CFC said...

Ok, lets have a porridge eating contest!

The Winner gets to eat all the porridge from the big pot. (What? 5 litres of it?)