Just a short one about us going to Mid-Valley. Saw my old classmate coming out of the lift but he did not see me. Oh well, I don't feel like meeting him anyway. But the way he has his kids, I guess, he got married almost the same time as me. I know how he is doing after much reflection, I am nowhere near. Just hope he is there to save me one day.

Kaelynn driving Kristine on a bus

They had so much fun that some kid
also wanted to join in whether their
Daddy likes it or not. Since she could
not pay for the fare, she got taken
away by Daddy, screaming her lungs out.

After months of not eating Teppanyaki at the foodcourt,
I remembered why I did not go there anymore. Nipple
rice that tasted more like damp glue and side veges
looked more like scraps from a chopping board.

But the fish and sambal still kicks ass, man.

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