Stoned in the car

Sometimes, the Hyundai tend to have some unpleasant smell ranging from mouldy paper (from carrying boxes) to something fishy (my RM1.70 fish keropok lunch) to and from whatever else my clothes would pick up. Its anything but the car smell.

So, one day, while I was pumping petrol, I came across this non-edible cake. Its from the same company which sold the famous MagicTree air fresheners. I am not sure if its a good idea but at least, the thing is being sold as the same price as those liquid air fesheners which I would need to attach to the air-con vents. Since the Hyundai is a nice car, I am not going to decorate it with something so out of place. And more so, chances are, the liquid version would evaporate under the tremendous heat. So, at least with this solid, I can hide it under the seat away from the Sun an dnot worry about spills

This rock sells for Rm12.90. How long it would last, I am not sure and
whether it would shrink or just degraded into paper weight, only time
will tell. They call it Stone but I doubt I can use it to throw at people

With the smell such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and this one,
I am not surprise when they put a warning on the package. It said,
"Do not Eat". Had to cut open a hole in the bag as the instructions
also mentioned that I cannot leave in on any surface.

[Update: Afternoon 22.11.2008]
Boss: What's that smell?
Me: What smell?
Boss: Smells like something funny like.... like....
Me: Oh, yo mean the car freshener I kept under the seat
Boss: Well, yeah
Me: Its from the MagicTree and at first, I though it was those car leather PVC smells
Boss: . . . .
Me: But it turned out to be something sweet, like those baby perfumes
Boss: Ah, now I know what it reminds me of, Ridsect! (Mosquito repellent)
Me: . . . .

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