More than One Million Nokia 5800 shipped!

I just found out via the Internet hours ago. And apart from that, I read somewhere about the impressive sales figures against the Apple iPhone (for the same time frame) and although I do not like the iPhone much, I agreed very much with the 20 reasons stated here. But don't get me wrong in this as the Nokia 5800 is NOT an iPhone killer despite what everyone tried to jump on that bandwagon. Its like comparing a MacDonalds Big Mac to a Burger King's Whopper. Its almost there, but not even close nor as expected. But the main thing I am concerned about is that if every user tried the Nokia Maps and liked it, Nokia would stand to collect about 8.9 Million Euros per month. Right?

Now, what if most of them are like me? Yeah, after seven days, One million Nokia 5800 users liked GPS and felt a bit disappointed that they need to pay for it. I am not sure what happens come this Friday, whether the program would stop completely, or the voice would shut up. But it does make me do something, which is to find another GPS software, which uses the built-in GPS and not any 3G, Wap or Wifi to assist it. Google maps perhaps? Or Garmin XT?

Personally, for me, I would like to have the GPS functions especailly when I am going outstation. But for the monthly fees commanded by Nokia, it is too much. They are already making a success with the 5800 but with the GPS monthly fees, a lot of people might think otherwise. Granted the GPS is useful but here, right now, in the Internet age, a lot of people expect things to be free or almost free while many still sees the Net as a money making venture, which after 2000, everyone woke up to find it isn't so.


Nex said...

Now you made me want to get a Nokia 5800. Just curious, is it 3G or 3.5G? (3.5G is 9 times faster then 3G)

Also do you know where I can see a comparison between the Nokia 5800 and the HTC Touch Pro?

CFC said...

Not sure about the 3G issues but you can Google the comparisons on the Net. I only notice the "3G" icon on the phone.

Personally, I got this because I wanted a phone with unlimited contacts. The GPS, MP3 player, cameras, etc. are just bonus features to me.

Oh, and the RM1,499 is the deal clincher for me.