Plaza GM @ Jln Raja Laut

Wife needed more paper bags as the ones she gave was very beautiful and so, one of her sisters asked her to get it. And so, folks, that is a good excuse for us to go out and into the streets of KL. This time, its Plaza GM located Jalan Raja Laut. These places are now great to get stuffs you wanted in terms of fashion, jewellery, toys, etc. But stray too far, you'd also get something else. Anyway, Plaza GM is located in Lorong Haji Taib and for a straight tal building surrounded with not much parking space, I was not suprised Wife wanted us to go in the Hyudai instead, saying something about the lifts. Shame that I forgot to enter the GPS coordinates for this.

The moment Kristine woke up, the first thing she wanted was the bag
of pistachio nuts which I promised to keep it for her the night before.

Wife told me to turn into the building and we're faced with this sliding
door with lights.

Then, I realised why we needed the Hyundai instead of our normal car.
These doors leads to the lifts. The moment you drive in front of it, your
car will activate the lifts via sensors on the ground.
After a few moments, the doors slide open and this is where you drive
the car into it. Very very interesting.

And while you're inside the lift, it will automatically take you up to the
eight floor where the actual parking lots are located.

And when the door opens, it leads to the entrance to the parking bays.

But you'd have to take the ticket first, of course. Bear
in mind, the corners are very narrow and at least
one does not have the safety mirror.

Unfortunately, most of the shops are closed until this coming
weekend due to the CNY celebration. Its like waking in some
abandoned shopping centre but with lights and air-conditoning

Luckily, the shop was opened and so, we got as much as needed. But we
did go to other shops (from 7th to 1st to 5th to.....well, you get the idea)

The girls with their new bags

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