I can't for the life of me, pronounce this place NZX. The words Ngau Zhi Sui, though was stuck to my mind, which literally means Cow Dung water instead of that Water Buffalo thing. And just as of yesterday, I found out where this place was.

Its a new commercial centre situated somewhere near the LRT Depot. And its quite a nice place, as if just outside/below your office are the kiosks and the almost vibrant atmosphere of an urban carnival. I was there because a customer has moved in an needs to have their PBX programmed.

And I must say, I am not impressed. But since its new, I have to give it some time before passing actual judgement.

Most of the kiosks are either empty, has meh stuffs on display
with no staff or have ok stuff on display and with staff. Weird
right? Its like walking into some rehearsal which is just about
a day away from the actual event. Everything seemed so
muted or subdued.

See what I mean? Maybe its the roofing which gave the overcast kind
of lighting. Oh yeah, all these photos were taken with my Nokia 5800

The funny thing is, most of the stuff on the shelves, apart from
food and snacks, are actually not sellable to the genera public.
Something funny is going on here.

And they way they put these things on the stage means its
only for showand not the show itself.

I know my MacFarlanes and most of the toys on shelves are not
the real
McCoy. In fact, all of them are MIC quality products.

Will you buy these plants? Or are they plants?

What I liked about the roof's air-conditoning system is that they
eitherlook like those harvesters seen in the film Matrix or an AIDS
virus. OK, you can even call it octopus if you like. In actual fact,
after talking to the customer, things are not what they seem to
be and how it came to be is because of *censored*

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