Trip to Taiping and Ipoh

Timing is everything. Really. I mean, if everything was timed correctly, I would be going to Taiping, Lumut and then to Ipoh last week. But then, this is not a perfect World, is it? It was only this week that we got the order from the customer to go to Taiping. But luckily, on the way, another customer in Ipoh called and so, in the end, this really balances the whole thing. I mean, if we did as we wanted last week, then today's trip to Ipoh would be a trip which does not make much money.

Not only that, my senior tech was to go with me, in the hopes of maybe, learning something from me instead of him waiting for me to teach it to him since we're both very busy. On the other hand, it was also a good thing for me as I can see how he works under pressure and how fast he can come up with a solution to a problem.

The first thing is to change one of the phones and also to
check the Guard house's phone, which is not working as
well as it should. Just one look at the phone says it all-

Looking under the base where there were alot of insect
goop tells me to be careful when opening it up. After
going it through with a brush, I was in the mood.

Yeah, the speaker's shot and with the case of Panasonic,
getting spare part (new speakers) is going to be a bit of
a problem. I cannot use any other speakers as their spec
is a bit different and moreover, the mountings are part
of the speaker and not a separate piece. Still, I have my
solutions here, but I am not telling. Hee hee hee.

Finally, by the time we finished at five,
we had to call the customer in Ipoh not
to go home too soon. It took us 45 mins
to reach Ipoh. The problem here is that
one of the Telekom lines were not really
connected ever since a lorry passed by
and snagged the Telekom line, pulling
everything off the wall.

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