Happy Mother's Night

Once again, this was done on the Eve. And boy, were we glad we did that. While the other In-Laws were trapped in Brickfields due to the Wesak Day procession, we got first pickings of all the food. *ahem*

It was a nice evening, with the wind blowing and us enjoying the food. Nothing much was being discussed except for the current political situation in Perak, and of course of greedy Policemen. Oh well, all I could do was just sit there, listen to the anecdotes and enjoy my cup of fruit punch. I was not allowed any alcohol above 0.5% since I am the most sensitive and designated driver as well.

The girls meeting their new cousin. Later on, another
cousin came, slipped on the books left by them, fell,
and hit his head. Then upon seeing his "heng tai" cry,
he cried too. In the meantime, the girls hid themselves

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