The Digital Meters

On the way to my regular shop, I stopped over one of their competitor's store and was amazed they do sell the same meters. What's more, they even display it in a way where you can test them! But at this moment in time, they were not switched on and so, I cannot tell if the LED displayed were Red, Green or Blue. Usually, they're Red. But the prices are very very cheap, unfortunately. So much so, I am not sure if my regular shop knows about this but buying from them, I get them at about RM7.00 more and with calibration.

Wow. You have both the voltage and current meters
working side by side here! Look at the black thing
connected across. Its a current shunt which must
be used when connected to a current meter. But
when I bought mine over the Internet, it was not
supplied. Maybe I shoudl get one from this shop.

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