The Art of posting

This is so weird. The Longshot's been packed, ready to be posted. Then someone needed a Maverick which means I would have to re-open the package. Then I realised that the box is too small and I have to find another box. So, now, I have to wrap two packages to be sent.

So, the first thing is to get some wrapping paper since newspapers are deemed too fragile. And "Happy Birthday" wrapping papers are a dead giveaway. Anyway, once I got the paper, I have to find the cellophane tape. And once I found the cellophane tape, I have to find a nice big fat pen. In other words, I needed a marker. Which is not easy to come by since the girls have wasted them and I am not going to drive all 400metres just to get a RM2.50 marker. And I don't have Rm2.50 too.

And so, I had to beg my Wife to nick one at her place of work since my Office is full of Whiteboard markers which I was afraid they would come-off midway through delivery or weeks later, depending on how you see the timing of the Malaysia Postal Service. Once I got the marker, I have to find the address. I cannot look it up from my Nokia 5800 as the screen has gone crazy.

After everything is done, I forgot about the cash. To cut a long story short, by the time everything is ready, I am too beat. I mean, I used up five days to prepare two packages which could be ready (depending on my mood and time) in one evening.

Then I realised, the wrapping paper's inside out.......

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