Bump in the Head

After rushing back home and greeted my relatives, I was shocked to see a bandage on Kristine's head. Apparently, she fell while rehearsing for the concert in school. Not sure of the details but Wife said her socks were slippery and so was her shoes or something like that. Need to ask more tomorrow as everyone was flat out by 2230.


Because Erika had dengue fever and had been admitted to the Hospital. So, I drove all the relatives there and also had fun comparing the Garmin nuvi 255 against my Nokia 5800 (which always try to be too smart and give opposite directions). Yeah, the Garmin is more accurate.

Anyway, Erika was so ill that she had to be helped to move about. But luckily, babe was there. And when she saw me, she tried to greet me but I told her not so speak (in case she blurted out our secrets in delirium ..... not). I am not sure about her condition but the way my Uncle said it, its very serious. And DBKL told her she is the fourth victim in the whole Condo. Me, I am more worried about the medical fees as they Hospital is build like a 5-star Hotel, with valet parking, nice toilets, lounges, etc. The only difference is that they do not have buffet dining and a jazz lounge.

Oh, the flat out part? We came back home and joined with my parent and all for a dinner which took ages to reach us. By the time it came, I think we're all stuffed with satay (which came in less than 8 minutes.) Oh, and that I had to carry Kaelynn all the way to the shops after I realised she did not wear her shoes.

Here is the big big bandage.
Look very serious except
that she is smiling like nothing
happened. Maybe its the bump.

Thank goodness it was not a cut or anything,
just a bruise.


Blueyebabe said...

poor little Kristine with a big bungalow on her forehead.. go get a crocs for her

CFC said...

She aledi got liao, "stole" from her sister one.


But we don't make a fuss in case she thinks its cool to get injured.......