Shopping at Mydin

And so, on Deepavali day, we discovered one very important thing that day: I do not need to go to work. And after much rejoicing (because we joiced earlier) we decided to spend some time going shopping at Mydin at Subang USJ. This was for Kristine's costume which her school is going to have some kind of concert in November.

Boy. All I can say, is, going shopping in a crowded place with two kids is very very exhausting.

While Kristine was trying on her clothes, Kaelynn
was busy with her corn-in-a-cup

And so, for less than RM40.00, she got
a full denim clothes and jeans, plus a
pair of black tights.

Erm, after this display, I think
I am going to lock her inside the
house until she's 40 or so. Safer
for other people on the streets.I
think no one likes a female
flasher. Ha ha

Finally, when she calmed down....

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