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have the chance, do look for the Movie script.OK, to tell you the truth, when I comes to movies, I just watch it like a gleeful kid. I am not those who are critical of the movie's flow, its direction, tributes, etc. Those are nonsense. I mean, for example, who the Hell cares about some Director who was being compared to his earlier works of how the movie is set in a dark tone. Movie dissections are just of the anal. For God's sake, its just entertainment. And so, in every movie, I just watch it like a wide-eyed deer who has just seen headlights for the very first time.

Maybe its my short attention span or my habits of watching bits of films here and there. But details are always lost to me. For example, after the movie, my friends would discuss about it and I feel lost. I mean how the Hell did I miss the 'hats off' tribute of one crew to a great actor/stuntmen. Or even in-jokes for that matter.

Anyway, I just got this DVD about a few days ago. Yes, I was one of those who got suckered by the amazing trailer last year. In short, its about a reporter, Bob Wilton, who wanted to write a story about Irag after his wife left him for his editor. There, he discovered Lyn Cassidy, a member of The New Earth Army, founded by Bill Django after his vision in Vietnam. I am not sure how the movie tried to portray itself but it went from fact to humour to fact and off tangent to dark comedy and so on. Yeah, I like this movie. A lot.

That 70's Jedi Warriors
In actual fact, this is a movie about a book about the real (yes, real) First Earth Batallion. Much of the movie's facts are quite true and which got me thinking, is it real. But then, in the 70's there were a lot of weird ideas coming form the US Army during their "Be all that you can be" slogan. So, in effect, these new Army are trained as Psychic Spies. And what is so funny is that Ewan McGregor, who was portrayed as a Jedi in Star Wars series, kept asking about these Jedis. Also, note how each actor age as the movie flips fowards and backwards between the 70's and now.

"We have asked Angela Lansbury.", "And?", "She doesn't know where General Noriega was."
Whether its true or not, the movie spots a lot of great one-line and quotes. If you can search for the movie scripts. Now, I am searching for the original Book by Jon Rohnson.

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