The return of an old friend

And so, I gave in. The pain is unbearable and worse of all, it has spread. It all started on Tuesday night which I did not notice until the next morning. I knew it wasn't a sprain because I haven't been exerting myself. Heck, for the past few weeks, the most I could do was to work up a sweat by just walking. Anyway, fast forward to today, I woke up with pain on my wrists. Yeap, it seems that the Gout has gone from the legs to my hand.

And so, I gave in. I mean, everyone was asking when I would go and see the Doctor. Actually, I hate going to the Doctors mainly because it costs money. You go there, tell you sob story, get a painkiller jab on your butt and then beg for M.C. on the way out. But no. Not this time. This time, I am going to go in there like a man who has Gout. I will go in there and tell the Doctor I have gout and no sob stories. And then, well, if I can, I will walk out like a normal person.

That is, until the got the wrong patient card. I told the Doc, "That's not me." and he looked surprised. "That's not me." I repeated. They (the nurses) got my card wrong. And so, he called out to the Nurse and got the right one.

[This apparently came from the file system that had which, by coincidence, my number is same as the other patient's. But later on, I told the Nurse, who knew me, that I was formerly from XXX company but resigned. Yep, they found my card, which by then, had grown thick. I am surprised that did not give me a VIP card either. Ha ha.]

"So, what's the problem?" asked the Doc when everything got sorted out. "I have Gout.", I admitted. "Have you have this before?" he asked.

It was not his fault as he has never seen me before and I did not visit the Klinik so much, thanks to my Wife's cooking to make sure I stick to the diet. And so, I summarised, "Yes, I have this since the late 90's and I come here as much as a few times a year.", without tolling my eyes at the ceiling.


"Have you taken Xyloric before?" he asked. "Yes, since 2004." I replied. I know this so-called expensive but wonderful drug which sort of keeps the uric acid level low. But I do not like using me because a lot of sufferers just take them before a 'Danger' meal. I mean, its just to keep the attack at bay while you go on binging on the Sin food.

"Really? Why?" He looked as me as if I had rabies.

"Because my Wife is a wonderful cook." I replied, beaming with pride.


I explained, "Well, OK. Because I controlled my diet to mainly veges and chicken meat". "Oh. Very good, but now this happened? What happened to your diet?"

Sheepishly, "Oh, I drank some alcohol.", "Tsk tsk tsk tsk." he looked down at his Notepad.
"But the sake is delicious!".


"Man, its 18% and its warm and smooth."

"18%!!!!" and his eyes widened.

"Its the 14% wine that I have trouble with. I got headaches and all from it."
"Or, it could just be the prawn soup I drank." I continued.

"OK, can I see you hand? Yeah, just unwrap the bandages"

He had to ask after seeing my slightly swollen foot. And so, I unbandaged my hand for him to examine. And he told me to clench into a fist and some other test before feeling the hand.

"This is just acute and so, for the time being, I'll prescribe some pain-killers for you and some anti-inflammatory medication. You should take two or three days of rest, watch some movies in the Bed and so on. But after that, I want you to take Xyloric. Now, its too painful and might just increase the uric acid level in the body."

"Uh-huh. Well, this 'acute' thing, is it because of the liver?"
"Every morning, when I take my first piss, its dark brown"
"That dark brown is you not taking lots of water"
"But I drank 2 litres everyday. " He looked at me as if I was lying like a small kid.
"I have Gout myself too.", he admitted. "So, you want the painkillers now? I can give you a jab...". I know where this going and said, "Uh, no. I'll take it orally this time. I have this fear of the needle breaking halfway inside my butt." (OK, so its not true but jabs sure cost extra.)

"Well, I went in, talked to the Doctor and got my medication. He said I should rest for a few days, la." I said as a matter of fact.
"Did you get an M.C.?" She asked. Damn! I frogot about the M.C.
"Nah, with these painkillers, I should be up and running soon."
"Go get it. You can cancel it when you're well"
"But... but..."
"Go. Afterall, you have paid for them"
Sigh. And so, I limped back to the Klinik and 'begged' for an M.C. which the nurse. I hate this because asking for one is like begging for it. I just hate doing this because it sort of shows everyone that I am lazy or something. Or maybe, its just me.

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Blueyebabe said...

oh, too bad! should have jaga ur diet or drinking abit. Anyway, take care ya!