Eye see Rings!

Gosh. What an idiot! The answer has been sitting on the table, right in front of me and I did not even know it! How stupid can I be? What am I talking about?

I am talking about how to make your goggles in your costume light up, of course!

This is the LED ring which comes in a few
colours from red, cyan, white, warm white,
green, pink, and purple. And by putting 12
volts into it, its bright. Very bright. I had to
use flash to counter this.

How to use it? You just apply double-sided tape on
it and stick it onto your car's main H4 headlamp la.

But I have other ideas. OK, so this is me
forgetting to use the flash. OK, after
holding it for a while, it tends to get
a bit warm. But not warm enough
to burn you, think of it as eye
warmers for the Winter. And
if you wear glasses......too bad

Now you see the idea? The outer ring is just 1.5 inches
while the inner ring is 1 inch. ButI am starting to wonder
if I can duplicate it since the whole ring is made from
cheap SRBP circuit board instead of fibreglass. Yeah it
can be done but can the PCB guy do this? That's the
question. And the most important question is, what the
hell do I really need more than 20 pairs as there is
minimum quantity and not just one or two.

This how to light up the eyes!
Image taken from Final Fantasy Wikia

So, this is how you do it, place a diffused material
in front of the ring while you look through it from the
other side with your eyeball.

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