Skidding at work

Dang. This is another problem for me. The start for this year might not be so great. Sure, I had a few good ones but its being tipped off balance by smaller problems. Gout for one, then there is the broken window and so on. Now, this.

I was late coming to work because of the faulty traffic lights in Bangsar. It sort of gos to red in less than 10 seconds. So, there were a long line of cars on both sides of the road. And when I say long line, I mean it starts from the Federal Highway to Mid-Valley to that stupid traffic lights at MacDonalds.

So, I rushed as much as I could, driving a little over 80 on a 60 and finally, I reached the office. Because I was late, I had to park near the perimeter gate. And as I stepped on the brakes, the car skidded and hit the concrete construct. OK, so that area was slippery and my front tires were bald (I haven't been driving for 2 years and they were due to be changed in 2007). It ended up with a cracked rim and damaged sidewall.

And guess what? I was three minutes early. Grrr......

This was the tire marks taken the day after.
From here, I think there is nothing slippery
but signs of baldness. Haih.

Cracked rims, damaged sidewall.

Later on, when I came out, the tire looks flat, which means only one thing. Damaged tire.
But it was not so when I drove the flat tire to the nearest Petrol Station and pumped it back. Seems OK to me but I have to drive slowly since its two weeks more before I can change the set of tires. Or maybe, go to Klang and change all four tires but pay around RM700........ nah.

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Nex said...

Get 2nd hand tyres for now dude...less then RM100 each only..

Here in KK I can get very very good condition (85% new) 2nd hand tyres for RM30 each...all made in Japan sommore...