Doing something Repulsive

Actually, this should have been done by Saturday but because Saturday was my only chance (and freedom) to get my Star Trek Navigation & Strobe circuit sorted out, I could not do much about it. But not before I had a good look and took the thing apart.

The toy was really meant for children, which you strap them on their hands and palm. To use the repulsor, they just have to flick their wrist upwards. But because the toy uses missiles that shoots from the bottom of the wrist, I could not help but to think about Spider-Man. Anyway, after taking it apart, I more of less know what I needed from Pasar Road.

And try as I might, I could not convince Richard to let me take the toy apart until next week. And so, I told him, I would buy this toy outright from him instead. Ha ha ha.

OK, so I spent one midnight to do this. Most of
the time was spent to look for a 20 sen coin as
it has the only diameter to fit into a casing.

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Peter said...

This is one busy, "repulsive" month for you eh Chow?