Trip to Pasar road

Today, there was only one reason I needed to go to Pasar Road. Someone wanted an antique green indicator/switch and all the shops I went, most of them said they do not have them anymore. Some even laughed. And one even suggested that I take a plane to China to order some. They did not snigger when I looked them in the eye and told them that it would cost too much to book AirAsia for a weekend trip. Moreover, my International Passport has expired and I can't even curse in Mandarin.

Then, as luck would have it, the ATM was out of cash. It said on the screen, after you logged in, that you can have any other services except making it spit out cash.

And so, I got two more blue 7-segment LEDs, a new
modern green indicator, and two bags of 'specials'.

This green indicator, like the switches I used to get,
has removable LED and Lens. In theory, just like
what I did, I can modify the green LED to use a
lower voltage instead of 12 volts.

As for the specials, they are cheap stuff. And to me,
they are great LED holders. Here, i took out a green
one to show you why I was so happy with it. The
label says, 12 volts.

But once you gently pry off the lower part, you
can see that it is using those 12 volt bulbs

Which is good because, now I can modify it
with some nice LEDs since as you can see
from the picture above, the legs are just
crimped on with bent metal. Not soldered.

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