The thumbdrive

18082010 1353 & 18082010 1857

While we were at Amcorp Mall, I bought a memory card reader at what I considered to be a great bargain at Rm9.00. They have three colours, namely pink, green and smoke. All three colours are transparent. But never mind, because for such price, it was too good to be true.

Alas, it was.

For you see, after using it once or twice, I noticed that there is something missing....

And so, I opened it up. Actually, I was itching to open
the cover and to my joy, it was never glued but uses
snap-on method.

Read the 6th line: LED Light clew read and writer state.
In other words, there is supposed to be a LED status in
there but there was none.

So, upon closer look, there the LED was supposed to be.....

Which is great because, now, I have the choice to choose
the colour of the LED! I wanted blue but because it will
cosume more power, I decided to use white.

And the size must be right as well.

After much trial and error, it in there!

Plug this into a USD port and........... voila!

And with the cover snapped back on, its wonderful!

And so, a 40sen LED improved the RM9.00 device. Which is not bad considering what might be RM15.00 or so, if it had a LED. hee hee hee

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