New LED lamp strip.

I was at Pasar Road today and with limited cash resources until pay day in 2 weeks time, I decided to have a look-see on the new LED strips. They were on sale weeks ago but I never did have the chance to take a look at them properly. But today, when I saw the demo, I was sold!

These are the new LED strips which as SMD LEDs
on 3mm fibreglass boards. yes, they do look very
fragile and at RM15.00 per strip, I do not want to
stress test them. The power requirements are the
usual 12volts but needing 0.2A of current.

At almost 18.5 inches long, it might just be the
thing for one "Mr. Chin from Sabah". And when
I worked out the prices, it might actually be
cheaper than what I am planning to do with the
normal LEDs. But bear in mind, the light shines
in one way.....

I took this shot at home and believe me, its
very very bright.

There is another one, but with the much
bigger SMD LEDs, almost the same ones
I used for the Iron Man Arc Reactor. I
did not ask the price since they are much
more expensive with the plastic tube and
a remote control unit.

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