Being sodomised

Maybe I should have titled: Accidentally sodomised. Or maybe, The Rear Fender Bender. Anything goes but it still does not change the fact that I was hit from behind.

And I really hate things like this.

It all happened on my way home. Where everyone was stuck in the jam on Jalan Desa towards Mid-Valley/Federal Highway. So, it was just a bumper to bumper crawl where, nothing exciting will ever happen. But no, in my case, regardless of any situation, things will happen.

So, there I was, moving and stopping until for some unknown reason, I looked something made me look up into my rear view mirror. what I saw was a silver car, coming towards me at a very fast speed. from experience, I know what will happen so, I quickly shift to first gear but by reflex, I engaged the handbrake and stomped on the brakes very hard. And braced for impact. Why did I do that? I do not know either. But later on, I realised that if I actually did that, I would not have enough time and that car would still hit me, which in return, I would hit the car in the front. More than that, I could have caused another accident IF some stupid driver happen to be using the emergency lane as well.


And that was it.

Out came some two young chaps to see what happened leaving the two young girls to stay in the car. First bad news was that he is Chinese, as in "Made in China" Chinese which complicate things more. Luckily, he can speak a bit of English. And the second bad news was, this was not his car. Coming from China, I know that this he is not familiar with the cars here and I guessed that he stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes.

So, I just told him to make a Police Report after we exchanged info. And that's it. I was not prepared to deal with it and talk things out because there was other urgent matters to take care of.

And so, my Bengmobile was sodomised. Not much
damage except that I would need to replace the rear
bumper and also repair the dents.

The Chinese guy's car was not so lucky. The damage was
quite severe eventhough this photo showed otherwise. If
I took it from another angle, you would have seen that the
whole front had actually caved in. This was caused by the
strong metal square beam at the rear of my Bengmobile.

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