How not to disguise a car

OK, this is old news but with so much blog updating, I kind of missed this one weeks ago. Anyway, this was highligted from paultan's blog which was taken from blogtue. Apparently, a new Myvi was spotted in Melaka on route to God knows where.

The problem is, they (Perodua) knows its a new car. And they want to get it to another place which, as usual, within the fastest and cheapest route, and as inconspicuously as possible. And yes, the only solution was, to drive it there, hoping no one would notice.

Which is not an easy thing if you put white and black
tapes all
over it, masking the car's design. Since every
one we know (including yours truly), do
modify their
cars one way or another, the best solution would
be to
drive the car as if there was nothing wrong with it and

people would just assume it was an extremely modded
But, yeah, the license plate would still be a dead
giveaway because its against the Law to use false plates.

OK, so a tarpauline and a trailer would still work. It'll
be late but it will still get there. Unless this is Perodua
Marketing gauging how well people know their cars...

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