Furata Enterprise-D

It was a nice surprise today to get this package. I have almost forgotten about it too. This is the problem with getting items shipped from Overseas. As their average shipping can be anything from two to three weeks, the wait was always nerve wracking. And coupled with the fear that the item could be lost or broken, it is always a risk for me. Yes, I could have it sent faster but that involves money. Or, I could also ask for the cheapest solution which is for them to launch the item up in the sky and using the earth's rotation and its gravity, with luck & planning, the item would land right in the Office's compound. Its cheap but there is a minor problem being that the accuracy of such projection has an error of 1000 metres. Or it would just fly off into Space.

Anyway, the package arrived safely and I managed to collect it before SOMEONE takes takes a peek and then slam it onto the table...

And so, with my amazing memory, I have actually
forgotten what it was.

Not even the subtle hints of the box's content could
unlock the secrets to my well protected and 3m
cellotaped brain.

It was not until I opened the box that did I realise
that I did not order this mode/toy. No sir. And all
the information regarding to this matter has been
shredded and used as packing material. Either I
open the box or piece the shredding material.
I chose the former since we ran out of tape....

Oh, so this was that I bought. A 1/2500 Star trek
Enterprise-D made by Furuta. If I am not mistaken,
this is the biggest toy in that series. Then again, the
Enterprise-D is a Galaxy Class starship and in the
Star Trek World, it IS the biggest.

The toy has a lot of details and I had to take particular
attention to the warp Nacelles. Yes, it looks very thin
and fragile. So, when it comes to inserting the nacelles,
I had to be very very careful.

To my dismay, I notices that one of the nacelle was
not properly glued and as the plastic looked very
thin, I decided that it is best not to 'correct' it.

At first, I wanted to leave it alone and just display it
as it is. But then, when I looked at the toy in more
detail, more and more errors cropped up. I am not
sure what happened but there were a lot of grey
'scratches' in most parts of the ship.

And when I turned the toy upside down, my dismay
level downgraded to upset. This was because of the
bottom part of the saucer was not glued propperly
and since the glue has set, there is nothing I can do

Nice or not? If seen from far away, you would not
notice the misaligned paint job for the escape pods

So, what shall I do with it? I originally wanted to get this toy to complement the AMT/ERTL Deep Space 9 model. The 1/2500 scale could be 'just right' since there is an argument about the DS9's scale. However, because of the defects in the toy, it is now very difficult for me to stick to my plan. And another thing, even if the toy was perfect, I would have another problem when it has been recasted in clear: there are no decals for it unless I get the model kit of the same scale which I chose not to, in the first place. So, seeing how it is, maybe, I should get the kit after all. That is, if I can still locate them since I was already 4 months too late...

Side by side with the Enterprise-A which I got
years ago, it looked quite nice. But for those
who are not familiar with Star Trek, the star
ship on the left, which is the Enterprise-A, is
too big.

Furuta has kindly printed a sheet of paper depicting
the size of each ship in their actual scale. From left to
right, you have the Enterprise-D, Enterprise-A, the
original series Enterprise, The NX-01 and DS9's
very own starship, the Defiant.


Mikal O'Neill said...

im tempted to get a ds9 model n drill n light as a project for myself n sum trek buddies. it wud then prob b put in a (prob quite big) tank/perspex box to build a collection around. just wondering how things are going with the build and whether u think i should start with smaller models as we hav basic model experience but a drill/light project wud b quite a learning curve. thanks for any advice.
Mikal (Belfast, UK)

CFC said...

Hi, Mikal,

Yeah, I had the same idea too but its all on hold for the moment as I am trying to rush out some Lighting systems for the Battlestar Galactica Vipers. Also, I have started a new Facebook page which highlights the stuff I do on an almost daily basis:


Lastly, my first product, the Cylon Raider Lighting System can now be bought at the Satrship Modeler store: