Kaelynn's Art progress

While we're waiting for Kristine's class to finish, Kaelynn was busy with her art. Earlier on, when she wanted to tag along, I did ask her what she wanted to do there and how to do it. I always do this to the girls so that indirectly, they know how to make decisions and more or less, plan for themselves. Kaelynn's answer was that she wants to draw and so, I got her to get her own drawing stuff and paper, which I put them all on a tray inside the car. This is so that it is easier for her to carry the things and also, not lose things inside the car,

This is her drawing. Note the similarity with Kristine's
when she was at Kaelynn's age. Or maybe, she copied
from Kristine.

Then she took a step further by using the available
stuff to make a new 'toy', which is balancing a pen
on top of her stamping set. Kristine never did this.

By the time it was over, Kristine came and whoa! Her
and pants were all dirty as one of the Masters
took them
to another place to train. Luckily, Wife still
has her sore
throat so she did not scream... much.
Ha ha ha ha ha

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