Gunza Sangyo

When I ventured into scale modelling when I was young, I did not have much paints to start with. So much so, that I had to use water colours. I would follow the instruction sheet and paint the pilot from Matchbox kits. When it is finished, I would carry it around in my pocket. And sometimes, and I wondered why the pilot 'lose' its paint so fast and why my pockets were so 'colourful'. I never made that connection until very much later. The proper paints at that time was Humbrol which was a mess for me. And I also never wondered why I had to get new brushes all the time as they hardened very fast and refused to wash off with water.

Then when I discovered Tamiya models it was like a whole new World that just opened up. And they have proper paints too. Proper Acrylic paints which can wash off with water. Wow. I was so religious with Tamiya Paints, that I never did go back to Humbrol nor even respect it. Not even Gunze Sangyo.

Fast forward to now, with Tamiya becoming more and more expensive, the only paints that does not kill my wallet was the Gunze Sangyo. The prices it was being sold now, is almost like when Tamiya first started out in Malaysia.

How good it is, I am not sure. I will have to
try them out one day. Right now, work is
more important.

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