Saved by the Heavens

While I was in a discussion with the Boss and his Boss, who is the actual Boss, I noticed that there was some slight rain and an occasional thunder with an average 0.0056inch of rain per hour. OK, so I was numb. I did not notice anything outside the room since it was a very important discussion.

But once I came out, it was already past working hours and I saw this:

Alamak! (Translation: A tree collapsed in front of your car.)

And so, I went out as fast as I can, without falling on
the stairs and killing my knees in the process. I want
to rush out but part of me wants me to brace myself
for the scene that will be revealed. And so, yes, a tree
branch has fallen in front of my car. From this angle,
it looked as if nothing serious has happened.

But from this angle, I would be heartbroken.

And so, I pulled the branches away with my hands and
phew! Vee-Chai was safe. All thanks to the 'Guardian'
who is placed near my car. (Not the fire hydrant, la)

I think I will start to light up the joss sticks but need to asks the person who is doing it first.

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