Vee-chai taking bath

In just three months, I am now reevaluating my sanity on why I wanted Vee-chai to dress in white. I was very sure I was quite sane when I said, "I do". Perhaps I was drugged or given some kind of hypnotic drug during the final stages but try as I might, there were no signs of forced entry up my *ahem*.

So now, as a result, I have to get Vee-chai cleaned almost every fortnight. You won't understand how dirty Vee-chai was until you do one of those half-cleaned bonnet stunts as seen in most car shampoo/was advertisements. Once you do, you will go monkey doo-doo.

OK, on the left, is the three week old dirt from the
roads of Malaysia. And on the right, is the result of
me using some 'free' car shampoo.... If you are very
observant, you can see a smiley face. Well, you would
have to be now anyway, because I told you about it.

There. All done and washed. And like most people
who cleaned their cars, there will be rain. Luckily
for me, I am not one of those lucky people because
although it looked like rain, it never did. Hmmm....
from this angle, Vee-chai begs to be modified. How
about making the middle grill (at the license plate)
black like those Audis?

This is a sign of the Guards not trusting me. I must
stop putting halogenic drugs into their food... its
expensive too.

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