Bombs in the Mail

In light of the recent events in Pakistant, words such as Osama, bombs, etc. became very sensitive. And alas, it was also the same time that I 'won' a set of used model kits which, by coincidence, were bombs. And they costs me only RM0.01. I was not worried about it until I realised that they were due to arrive this week...

So, when the Receptionists asked what it was,
I just replied, "samples". You'd think I would
say, "Bombs"?

This was the same model kit I had when I was
a kid. IN fact, I still could not recall what had
happened to them AFTER I left for college.

Not sure what this was called but because of its
shape, it was my favourite and I akways did
carry one of them around in my pockets every
where I went.

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