From Bruce

Well, I am stumped. No, not the tree stump removing kind. But more of a, "OMG. This has happened to me!". You don't get it? OK, here is another scenario; Think of yourself as an 8-year old kid and Michael Jackson was suddenly standing in front of your bedroom. That would be more or less the feeling you would get. I mean, sure, Michael Jackson was everyone's perfect idol so you would be happy but at the back of your mind, his tales of Neverlandand, his skin condition and kids would really make you uneasy.

But not for me.

Mine is like an 8-year old rushing to the toilet only with the most beautiful woman in the World, standing on the doorway, blocking my way. OK, OK. That was not real, here is something more realistic; Steve Jobs handing me a spiked club asking me to hit him until my arms are tired.

And so, that was how I felt because Bruce has given me a Revell Starfury MKi Model kit. And at that time, I missed the boat, because it was very difficul to get them in Malaysia. Sure, you have other models like the B5 station but never the Starfury. Even the Micro Machines versions were picked off, faster than you can lose weight by just drinking water. And before you know it, the series was cancelled, the models were gone and also, you were still wondering what happened.

And so, finally, I have this Starfury in my hands. After
so much searching, its here in my hands. Back when the
days of when eBay was still in its infancy and PayPal does
not exist for most of us here.

Bruce also went to his garage and ripped out all the
unwanted car seats for me. That statement sounds
unbelievable if I did not show you the picture above.
But you'd know its me because you'd know we do not
have a cars big enough to transport all these seats....

Close but no cigar.
The figure on the left is a 1/20 pilot from a Seaquest
model while the chair on the right is the 1/20 scale
from a Hasegawa Falke. And in the middle, yes, is
Bruce's 1/24 seat.

Which is not a problem for me because I am
planning to use 1/24 figures and not 1/20. I
mean, you would have a hard time making
people believing you that those were baby
seats... in a... tank. Yeah, right.

Yep, I am still stumped. If I had know better, I would have peed on the nake lady....


Anonymous said...

ur blog is like oh!pium.

Nex said...

Your posts are beginning to make less and less sense, dude...thought the pics of toys are still as...Oh!pium-y...

Time to stop smoking whatever you're smoking. Or at least switch to opium as its less damaging to your brain, comparatively...

CFC said...

Well, as they say, make concrete while others are haying.