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While I was out, someone pointed me to this shop which sells wonderful cakes. New York Marble Cheese Cake, to be exact. I am not familiar with this place but after some searching, I came to an almost Deja-vu like state because it was the shop I always passed by when I was there. But then again, at that time, I was busy working my ass off. Then again, I am always working my ass off anyway.

Anyway, when I entered, the shop, it was slightly different due to its dimmer than usual lighting. Only their shelves were brightly lit. Which is great because, immediately, your eyes would go straight to the shelves and shelves of cakes. This effect was so subtle and yet, if you turn your head away too fast, your eyes might pop out. And, oh, these cakes are very different; both in taste and well, beauty.

Forget Breadstory and the likes. These cakes
are beautiful and delicious on its own.

This is well, immediately, on of my favs,
which is garlic bread of some kind. At first,
I thought it was garlic but once I tasted it,
it was wonderful! There was another cake
I bought but did not take pictures of. It just
looked like an ordinary loaf but once you
cut a slice, its actually cheese and pepper
on the outside and ham on the inside. Wow.

Yeah, OK, so this is the 0.5Kg cake everyone
was talking about. Because I ordered through
phone, they thought it was for a Birthday and
so, I get all the 'free' stuff. Hee hee.

So, would I go back there again. Certainly. That is, if I can find a parking space as this area is notorious for double-parked cars and on some streets, some very dangerous tire eating potholes too.

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